Dulcis strives to promote healthier eating habits through the creation of almond milks made from organic ingredients. We believe in utilizing kindness and generosity to care for ourselves and our community.


Your health & wellness is our inspiration

At Dulcis, we are committed to providing you a fresh product with 100% organic ingredients. Born out of a journey seeking personal wellness, Dulcis is an effort to pour habits of kindness and health back into the community through bottles of hand-pressed, delicious almond milk. 

We believe the best way to care for others is to start by caring for yourself and what you put into your body. Our almond milks contain only organic ingredients, no preservatives, and water that's been cleaned and purified through reverse osmosis. Our sprouted almonds are soaked for no less than 12 hours, and all of the milks are made in small batches with renewable resources. 

In the spirit of improving the lives of others and giving back to the community that allows Dulcis to grow, a portion of every sale will be given to local non-profit organizations who are committed to improving the lives of others.  Check out our non-profit organizations we are working with!