It was a fair to remember!

This post is a little late, but isn't there a saying that goes... "better late than never?" 


Renegade Craft Fair was truly amazing and inspiring! 

It was incredible to be surrounded by other makers and vendors doing their thang, makin the moves in their life to do what they love and truly love what they do! Everyone was so kind and had so much vibrancy and energy to share with not only their customers but their fellow makers as well. The community that made up this event was a collaborative one of creative, artistic, genius minds, and beautiful loving hearts. I made some new friends and gained a newfound respect for a community I had so much respect for already. I never thought about the work that goes into doing an event like this & I never knew the amount of energy it takes for the vendor working the fair. I experienced exhaustion in muscles that I didn't even know could get exhausted! 

Day 1: Was incredibly busy and exhausting, but exciting and so full of energy. I tend to measure how busy things are by how often I get to use the ladies room and Day 1, there was no trip to that room. So basically, I was BUSY y'all! But it was great! I got to educate, meet some new faces and see some sweet ones that I knew and was oh-so-grateful to see. My coffee & breakfast tacos, provided by Fleet, kept me going strong throughout my day! (OH! Did y'all know that Fleet has officially replaced Pacific brand almond milk with Dulcis?! Pretty rad that you can now find a healthy and handcrafted alternative milk to pair with your favorite espresso drink, huh? ;) I like mine in a cortado or cappuccino!)

Day 2: Was even better! I had my best girlfriend, Corey, helping me out so trips to the ladies room happened for sure. Corey is a guru in Health & Wellness. Her 15+yrs of experience at People's RX has given her this vast amount of knowledge that she willing & openly shares with her community. So I was grateful to have her there, sharing extra bits and pieces of the wellness aspect of Dulcis that I don't always explain quite as eloquently as she does. It was also great just having her beautiful smile there also! Today was the day I got to do some looking around and meet more of the makers! A few of my favorites were River City Social & SupplySanctuary Holistic Kitchen, Settle Ceramics, The Rustic House, Nina Berenato Jewelry, Amber E Lea, & Sunfern Studio. Not all of the makers mentioned are local, but they all have a sweet & positive story to share and are all making beautiful movements in their communities. 

I am grateful to everyone who came out to show their support, encouragement and love! It meant the world to me to see all of your lovely faces! I loved meeting all of the newest members of the dulcis community as well. I'd like to say, "welcome!!" I hope I can inspire, educate & inform you, and lift you up along your own personal journey! 

Through this experience, I learned more about dulcis and the impact I can have on my community. My dreams for this community of mine are big and I want to see those dreams become a reality for all of you! I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Lets make positive waves and lift each other up! Do good stuff y'all! I promise I will too!