let's get honest here...

Today is officially the first day of summer!! A change of season is upon us (even if its felt like summer for the entire season of Spring to some peeps in ATX)! With this beautiful summer solstice we were also gifted a full moon... & With this summer solstice and full moon comes the opportunities for growth, shedding old skin, and possibilities for new developments. 

In the spirit of growth and shedding old skin, I want to share a bit more about me. I know I've shared the business side of me, but here I want to get personal. I want you, my community, to know about me & who I am as a person.... not just a business owner. 

For the past few weeks I have been struggling with coming up with content for dulcis. I've written & re-written multiple blogs and posts trying to put my best face forward & not wanting to make any mistakes along the way in fear of the thoughts my audience may have (& my lack of good grammar and punctuation). But I've realized that I am only holding myself back from living authentically. 

You see... I hold myself to a different set of standards when it comes to dulcis because of the dreams I have for it to thrive & do well in the world. But in reality when I sensor myself and my authenticity, to put my best face forward, I go against all that I stand for & it doesn't allow for my business to thrive or my community to rally around me and support the dreams we share. So in feeling strong about community I know that the community I want to support, and have support me, will only thrive if I'm being genuine. So here is a look into me as a person:

I love yoga. I began practicing when I was 18 and moved away from home for college. It brought me a sense of peace through the first few months of being in a new city all on my own. I don't give myself enough time to practice at great lengths these days, but I will always find a moment in my day to work on a pose I am committed to accomplishing.

I love to eat healthy foods... salads, veggies prepared all sorts of ways, fruits mixed in with my veggies. But my sweet-tooth is always challenging me, and it is a struggle to say, "no" to those amazing, delicious, beautiful pastries that French Bread Bakery provides at my work. Put an oatmeal raisin cookie in my face and I drop like Superman around Kryptonite. I'm not perfectly flawless, but I am, mostly, healthy and I love myself fully.

I love crystals and stones and believe in utilizing them as a tool for healing physically and spiritually. When I say total health and wellness, I mean TOTAL health & wellness of body AND mind.

I believe in women uplifting women... especially in business. Cause James Brown said it best, "This is a man's world" & its up to us women to help one another create an EQUAL world for both men and women.

If you're thinking... "Sarah sounds like she's a tree hugger..." You may be right, because I literally hug trees and love doing it! But really, I just like to think of myself as someone who just loves and wants to share that love with everyone. I love to hug, I love to smile, I love to make you smile, I love to laugh, I absolutely love to cry, I love to listen, I love to stuff your face with good food and share amazing food experiences with you, I love to hear about your accomplishments in life, I love to hear about what makes you sad and what you fear the most, I love to do weird things that maybe throw you off a bit to remind you that life is just weird sometimes and we just have to get that weirdness out of us by doing a finger dance or sticking our tongues out. I love saying "yo-mama" to my son when he says says something silly, because it makes no sense and the confused look on his face is absolutely priceless. But most importantly, I just love.

I'm gonna stop now, because I just realized this kinda sounds like something that would go on a Tinder profile. But seriously... I do love long walks on the beach.

dulcis will thrive! Not because of how many almond milks I put out there, or how many major & local grocery shelves dulcis is on. It will be because of the healing dulcis will have on bodies and because of the love I put into each and every one of my milks. I simply care about my community and want to see everyone happy and working towards being the best version of themselves. 

C H E E R S!