Did you know?

That my inconsistency in blog posts has actually been pretty consistent... in a manner of speaking? ;) YEA! I've been consistently writing blog posts every 3 months! & I'm consistently keeping you all on the edge of your seats! 

But in all honesty, I've been worrying so much about getting blog posts out more often and its something I truly do want to get better at. So just consider my blogs a "work in progress". I will get better and more frequent at them... SOMEDAY ;) <--- that's my disclaimer... I actually might have said that in previous posts, making me even MORE consistent! 

For this post, I have a lot that I want to share with you!! 

First off! I've been doing the Lakeline Farmers Market since January 14th and Dulcis is slowly growing a community! Its been such a dream and an amazing experience. I've really enjoyed getting to know the people who have been coming regularly. I'm also excited to announce that this past Sunday we had a successful sample day at the Mueller market & beginning Sunday, April 2nd, you will be able to find us there weekly! So all my east-siders, come swing by, say "hi!" & get yourself some milk! 

Secondly! I have had the incredible opportunity to work closely with a sweet and dear friend of mine, Maggie, who has helped me to better understand how to serve you all! She has thoughtfully guided me and given me so many valuable lessons to grow dulcis intentionally and support my values while doing so. If you are a business owner looking for some guidance on how to grow your business thoughtfully, she is your girl! I'm looking forward to sharing some things we've been working on together. 

Third! Online orders have been growing y'all! & Its great! I want to encourage you all to take some time to check out the new ordering page, if you haven't done so already. I've tried to simplify it as best I can! By ordering online you help me know how many orders to take with me to the Farmers Markets and it also allows you to pick up milk easily from the markets and even meet me! If you ever want to sit down and chat, pickups on Tuesdays are at Fleet Coffee & I'd love to have some coffee/tea with you! If you have any questions please reach out... I am happy to help! Some of you have already made some requests & I listened! So keep an eye out for some offers coming to you in the near future. What d'ya think about juice tonics? Like the one I made here! I would love to hear about what you'd like to see dulcis doing more of!

& Lastly! I wanna take some time to really talk about dulcis. When I began dulcis, I had a mission to provide my family & community with something I was personally frustrated with... fresh almond milk with no preservatives were nowhere to be found; At least none that I actually enjoyed. I took matters into my own hands and began making it for friends and family and then sharing it with others at popups like the one I did at Jack & Lola , then the Renegade Craft Fair, the REVELRY Market, & ORIGINS Designer Market. These were all quintessential events in the growth of dulcis... some things have changed, like switching from dates to honey for example (which I was ecstatic about doing!).  But since then I have worked hard at cultivating a community through the mutual pursuit of good health! You have all expressed such a unique desire for real food and wanting more than what the “big man” has to offer in grocery stores & I am thrilled to be able to provide that for you! But y’all…real food doesn’t last real long & it’s real sad; but real true. While dulcis always strives to give you the best product possible, we also have to recognize the hard truth… it’s a raw product that is intended to give you the most nutrients when consumed quickly. Our shelf life is shorter than the store bought stuff because we don’t add those fillers and toxins that harm our bodies. While I can’t, at the moment, truly guarantee a long shelf life, one thing I can guarantee is that I am doing the research and experiments to extend it further than what it currently is; like testing out Camu Camu as an alternative to using ascorbic acid. Is there anything in particular that you might like me to steer away from or maybe even steer towards? & If you ever have an issue with your milk, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and share your concerns! I am all ears!!! Your wellness means just as much to me as my family's does.

CHEERS to our health & wellness y’all!