when life hands you lemons...

& you're Beyonce, you make a #1 top selling album and show everyone that you really are Queen Bey of the world. In my case, as an entrepreneurial woman making bold life decisions to share a concept of health & wellness to my community, and eventually the world, you add some dates to those lemons and start sippin' on that sweet lemonade of life... its not quite in the budget to make an album and accompanying film just yet, but don't worry your sweet soul. One day, my friend. One day.

               image by: BreatheHeavy.com

I woke up feeling vibrationally high today... buzzing through my morning with my coffee (provisions provided by Fleet Coffee) and a book I recently picked up a book called All is Well by Louise Hays & Mona Lisa Schulz. After giving myself 45 min of reading time, I began to get ready for a 30-day challenge I decided to take on with one of my best girlfriends Zara. Its called "Greens & Gratitude". I first got this idea from a beautiful friend & teacher in my life, Stacy, who is a freakin warrior woman! & also happens to be battling Lyme. She started her own essential oil company, Well Scent, while in search of a true organic & wildharvested essential oil to help her in her healing process. She has made leaps and bounds in her treatment, and personal growth, due to her innovative ideas (like Well Scent and this challenge), to continually grow her spirit through holistic wellness practices & a positive lifestyle. 30-days of Greens & Gratitude keeps you responsible for consuming something green each day while also finding 3 things that you are grateful for.** Zara and I decided that we would check in with each other daily and share what we ate & found grateful for in our day. The beautiful thing about this is it not only holds us accountable for doing the challenge, but it creates a connection with each other as well. Not only am I staying on top of the challenge, but I'm also getting to build a stronger friendship with her and this is the most precious thing to me. 

As the day continued on I was met with some lemons and at first I felt soured by those lemons... they did not taste nor feel good. But I remembered something that a friend of mine once told me when I was going through some hard times last year... "No matter how dark or hard things seem to be in the moment, there will always be a light to follow." I remembered to feel gratitude for the curveball I was receiving and found my light to follow. 

There is always something sweet to be found in the hardships & while we sometimes can't see, in the moment what that sweetness is, if you wait a moment to allow the hurt to subside, & look hard enough, you will find it. I will greet my future days with grace & a positive outlook of what is to come & through the rose-tinted, half-full glass I choose to look through, things will start to fall in place and life will be sweet again.

I'm excited to share the positive momentum dulcis has been gaining... Be sure to check back in!

3 Things I am grateful for today:

~ Freedom: of my spirit that drives me to constantly grow

~ Relationships: those that value & support me

~ Affirmations: I love & approve of myself & I trust the process of life. I am safe.

Thank you for being part of my community! Thank you for your support and for believing in dulcis! Thank you for loving my product!

**Start your own 30 days of Greens & Gratitude & feel free to share them with me & your community. I look forward to seeing your accomplishments!!!